National Parks and Reserves in Ecuador

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Table of Contents:
List of National Parks
Reserves on the Coast
Andes Reserves I
Andes Reserves II
Andes Reserves III
Andes Reserves IV
Andes Reserves V
Amazon Reserves I
Amazon Reserves II
Galapagos Islands

Ecuador’s impressive system of National Parks and Natural Reserves reflect the rich geographical and biological diversity of this small country. Being able to visit these biological reserves is truly a privilege, especially since very few places that provide such a soul enriching, humbling experience are as accessible as these parks.

Unfortunately, Ecuador’s national parks–like the natural world in general– are threatened by the shortsighted ambition of groups wanting to exploit non-sustainably natural resources to accumulate fast money. This exploitation is facilitated by an inability to appreciate the inherent value of these parks– by both unenlightened government officials and a preoccupied citizenry. Fortunately, this self-defeating attitude is starting to change as the philosophy of eco-tourism–which values life in a spiritual, economic and holistic manner– begins to make inroads in the Ecuadorian population.

We hope this virtual tour of Ecuador’s parks motivates you to visit them in person.

Protected Areas in Ecuador

Coastal Region
1. Cayapas – Mataje Ecological Reserve
2. Mache -Chindul Ecological Reserve
3. Machalilla National Park
4. Manglares -Churute Ecological Reserve

Mountain Region
5. El Ángel Ecological Reserve
6. Cotacachi – Cayapas Ecological Reserve
7. Cayambe – Coca Ecological Reserve
8. Antisana Ecological Reserve
9. Geo-botanical Reserve of Pululahua
10. Mindo-Nambillo Ecological Reserve
11. Pasochoa Wildlife Refuge
12. Cotopaxi-El Boliche National Park
13. Ilinizas National Park
14. Llanganates National Park
15. Sangay National Park
16. Chimborazo Forest Reserve
17. Cajas National Park
18. Podocarpus National Park
19. Puyango Petrified Forest
Amazon Region
20 .Cuyabeno Forest Reserve
21. Limoncocha Biosphere Reserve
22. Yasuní National Park
23. Sumaco-Napo-Galeras National Park
24. El Condor National Park
Galápagos Islands
25. Galápagos National Park
26. Galápagos Marine Reserve

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