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Working in Ecuador
In Ecuador, an hourly wage is very uncommon, but usually bimonthly or monthly. A job that pays $350 and up a month for an 8 hour work day, is sufficient to cover your basic costs in Ecuador.


Work for Tourists
A person that comes to Ecuador and fulfils the legal requisites can work in whatever they wish, always and if their ability to communicate allows them to relate to the future client. However, we recommend some of the more common jobs for foreigners in the country and their average salaries:

  1. Language teacher (English, German, etc) - we recommend that you have special certifications available in the different languages or previous experience as a teacher, this will increase your salary. Approximate salary: $300 - $500. / Hourly: $8.00-$10.00
  2. With NGOs or foundations - there are positions available in many of these organizations that require personnel that are fluent in English, the salaries can be very good depending on your abilities and previous experience. Approximate salary: $350 - $1000
  3. Sports teacher - if you also have some form of international certification from some course or diploma as an aerobics instructor, weights or extreme sports, you will be an ideal candidate for working in high class gyms in the city or for a tour operator that wishes to provide this service. Approximate salary: $200 - $750.
  4. Translator - this is available when and if your knowledge of Spanish is at its best. The pay per page for this varies between $8.00 - $10.00.
  5. Guide - only when you obtain your certification as a tour guide from the Ministry of Tourism (basic knowledge of the guiding standards and of the country are required). Approximate salary: $50 - $100 per day. But the tips can be very good depending on your style.
  6. Cashier, bartender, waiter/waitress in bars, restaurants, internet cafes, moves and other nocturnal places that require people that speak English for their foreign clients. The salaries vary between: $150 - $300, the tips for this job could also be very good.
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