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A long stay in Ecuador will require a job that will help with your expenses. In this section we will discuss the legal and immigration requirements that every foreigner must fulfill to work in the country legally. Plus, we will help you with finding and landing the job of your dreams!

To work in Ecuador, a work visa is very easy for foreigners to obtain. There is a preference for foreign personnel that demonstrate different abilities that the usual ones found in the country like languages or a specialization in certain fields. Obtaining a work visa usually requires a lawyer which will make it easier and quicker for you.


What you basically need is a letter from the company that you are going to work for, where the reasons for contracting you are specified and the importance of your work in the company, and you must acquire a RUC number. Normally, the company or business interested will help you with this process and the procedure is done in an Ecuadorian consulate in your country of origin, you cannot do it within Ecuador.

Current work situation in Ecuador
The work situation in Ecuador has improved over the last few years. The arrival of the US dollar helped stabilize the economy and has allowed the unemployment rates to go down. However, the rates of unemployment and sub-employment should be looked at. The minimum basic salary is currently $135 a month.

The official work hours in Ecuador are the 40 hours a week (8 hours a day). These hours are respected by all of the public entities and in some private ones and generally go from 8:30 - 16:30. Of course these hours can vary depending on the type of job, especially in those that deal with nocturnal diversion and commercial centers where the hours are longer or on weekends.

To work in Ecuador, you generally have to sign an initial contract for three months as a trying out period and then for a year which is generally renewable. Read the document very closely to make sure you understand from the beginning what are your rights and obligations and under what conditions you are joining the company. Make sure that everything is legal and if necessary, ask for references about the company from Ecuadorians that you know.

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