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Types of visas
There are two categories of visas: Resident and Non resident. To stay in Ecuador more than 90 days if you are working, studying, volunteering or doing any other kind of activity, you need to apply for a visa and present the following documents:

  1. Passport valid for more than 6 more months
  2. Certificate of Police Record from the country or state where you live
  3. Medical certificate
  4. Return trip ticket
  5. Two photographs
  6. Application form
  7. Applicants from countries outside of the USA should also present an effective American credit card.

Also, depending on the type of visa that you need, the requirements are:

Student Visa
Certificate of enrollment or registration in an educational institution of Ecuador
Certificate of financial solvency (can be a bank deposit of the sum to cover costs during your stay, with a letter from the bank that promises to turn over 10% of this money every month or a document from a family member indicating that the student is financed by his family; or a legal notarized document that also indicates that the student receives some type of pension).
Valid: More than one year, renewable
Cost: $50.00, except for citizens of Colombia, Paraguay and Spain.

Professionals, technicians, consultants, legal representatives or government officials
Documents that show that the person is required in Ecuador to work in the specific purpose and that he is supported by the company or agency.

Work contract legalized by the Ecuadorian Work Court
Specialized technicians or professionals or industrial work personnel require a job permit from the Ministry of Work. (Clemente Ponce N15-59 and Piedrahita - 2 550 982)
Managers, legal representatives or executives also require a certificate from the Superintendent of Companies (Roca 660 & Av. Amazonas 2 220 982/ 2 553 879)
Valid: depends on the type of job
Cost : $50.00

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