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Ecuador is definitely an ideal place to live or to stay for along time. A small country but one with great diversity for traveling and being able to reach places in just a few hours. Prices are relatively cheap, thousands of activities and the friendliness of its people will make you enjoy your stay. However, you should be informed about what is necessary for a legal and safe stay, Welcome to Ecuador!

Immigration Offices and requirements for living in Ecuador

The National Direction of Immigration of the National Police of Ecuador is the entity in charge of controlling the migratory movement within the national territory and in charge of the control of foreigners in the country according to the pertinent laws and regulations.

Their offices are located in Avenida Amazonas 3149 in front of the Mall El Jardin and their telephone numbers are:(02) 2 454 122/ 2 451 222/ 2 449 346/ 2 437 800// Migratory Control (02) 2 433 209. If you go directly to the offices you can obtain all of the information you need for making your stay legal.

Entrance of Foreigners into Ecuador
With respect to the entrance of foreigners, Immigration gives 12-X tourist visas to foreign citizens that enter Ecuadorian territory for a maximum of 180 days in a 12 month period from the time of their entrance.

Passport that is valid for a minimum of 6 more months
For citizens of countries in the Andean Area and Chile: citizenship ID or passport

If you would like to stay more time, a small fee is charges for extensions greater than 90 days. To ask for this, you can go to the Provincial Headquarters for Immigration that work from Monday to Friday from8:00-12:00/ 15:00-18:00

Quito - Provincial Headquarters for Immigration of Pichincha
Isla Seymour 44-144 and Río Coca
Tel: (02) 2 247 510

Guayaquil - Provincial Headquarters for Immigration of Guayas
Av. Río Daule (cerca del Terminal Terrestre)
Tel: (04) 2 297 004

Cuenca - Provincial Headquarters for Immigration of Azuay
Luis Cordero 662 between Presidente Córdova & Juan Jaramillo
Tel: (07) 2 831 020

Galápagos / Puerto Baquerizo Moreno - Provincial Headquarters for Immigration of Galápagos
Tel: (05) 2 520 129

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