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Buying a House or Apartment
If your stay in Ecuador is definitive, obtaining your own property is an ideal choice. The prices also depend on the city, the area and the neighborhood you choose as well as the type of home. For example, a house with 2-3 bedrooms in the south of Quito will be between $30,000 - $40,000. On the other hand, the same house in the north will cost about $85,000 and in the valleys (Tumbaco, Cumbayá, San Rafael and Los Chillos) the value will be more than $100,000-$115,000.


Announcements of apartments and houses for sale can also be found in the local newspapers but in the majority of these, they are houses with previous owners so we recommend a good check of the condition of the house and the different installations (especially in the case of colonial houses). You should also look for a house according to your needs and that of your family taking into account the neighborhood, proximity of places that you will frequent, basic services (pharmacies, supermarkets, gasoline stations) and how noisy the neighborhood is where you will live. Introduce yourself and get to know your future neighbors, they could be a great help in the case of an emergency.

If you are looking for a new house or what to build one yourself, we can provide you with a list of Real Estate companies. These companies will require you to have banking precedents, credit cards or some type of certification that show you have a trustworthy credit history. Generally, you will have to make a down payment and the rest of the value will be deferred over 1-7 years with a bank credit or mortgage.

Carvajal & Aguilar Proyectos Inmobiliarios
Av. Amazonas N35-89 P2
Tel: (02) 2 249 462/ 2 272 118
Email: jrcarvaj@hoy.net

La Coruña Inmobiliaria
Av. Orellana E11-116 & La Coruña
Tel: (02) 2 203 383/ 2 508 050
Email: inmobiliaria@lacoruna.com.ec

Tel: (02) 2 333 384
Email: marcodiaz@andinanet.net

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