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Living in Ecuador > Child Care in Ecuador
If your family will accompany you in your stay in Ecuador for several weeks or months, undoubtedly the little ones in the family will need some special attention. Nannies, domestic servants or special child care centers are some of the options depending on your needs and your time. With the necessary precautions, Ecuador will be a place your children will also love.


Nannies are not very common in Ecuador but it could happen with the adolescent daughter of some Ecuadorian friend or neighbor that wants to earn a little extra money. Payment for a night of babysitting (4-5 hours) could be between $8.00 - $12.00 depending on the hours and the care the child needs.

Domestic servants
It is very common in Ecuador for families to have a maid or servant that helps with the household chores and the care of the children in a permanent manner. Some servants are "indoors" meaning they sleep at the house or "out of doors" meaning they are only there for a certain amount of time each day. It is recommended that you ask for help from an Ecuadorian friend in order to find the appropriate person, it is very easy to make a mistake and contract somebody that is looking for any job at all and is not a trustworthy or efficient person for the care of your house, your belongings or your children.

Monthly pay for this type of service includes cooking, cleaning the rooms, kitchen and bath and caring for the children is between $180 - $300, this also depends on the number of jobs assigned, the size of the family and the house.

You could also contract someone exclusively for the care of your children and his or her needs and the pay for this a month could be between $135 - $200.

Day care centers
Child care centers are the best alternative for your children to be best attended to while you are going about your activities in Ecuador. A bilingual school if your language is English, green areas, recreational areas, activities, personnel and the area are all details that you should look at for the well being of your child.

Always verify the papers and regulations of the center, consult with Ecuadorian friends or people living near the center about its reputation and finally make a decision that is most appropriate for your expectations and for the security of your baby.

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