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Buying a car in Ecuador

With your paperwork in order, acquiring a vehicle in Ecuador is extremely easy. In addition, the prices of new as well as used cars is relatively cheap compared to other Latin American countries and the world.

Buying a new car assures that it will be in excellent condition and that it will last and be easy to sell. On the other hand, it is a car that is at high risk for theft. Therefore it is important to invest in car alarms and insurance. You should take into account that the new cars depreciate in value at about $500 - $1000 per year.


A used car on the other hand does not assure us that it is in the best mechanical condition but generally is much more economical. It is now possible to obtain a used car in good condition beginning at $4000. Of course if you are not an expert on cars, you might want to ask someone who is or else opt for a new car.

In various cities of the country, there are car fairs where people go to sell their cars. Sometimes you can find great cars in good condition, but always go with someone who can give you good advice.

List of the major car dealerships in the country

Alvarez Barba S.A - Porsche & BMW
Av. 10 de Agosto N51-97 & Algarrobos
Tel: (02) 2 410 760
Email: alvarez_barba@impsat.net.ec

Chrysler Jeep Automotriz del Ecuador
Av. 10 de Agosto N58-98 & Luis Tufiño
Tel: (02) 2 475 246

Automotores and Anexos - Nissan, Renault, Pirelly & Cyclo
Av. Orellana E2-30 & 10 de Agosto
Tel: (02) 2222740
Email: ayasa@ayasa.com.ec

Ecua-Wagen S.A.- VW & Audi
Av. De los Granados between 6 de Dibiembre & Eloy Alfaro
Tel: (02) 2 264 603/ Gratuito 1800 ECUAWAGEN
Email: ecuawagen@ecua-wagen.com

Recordmotor - Honda
Av. El Inca E214 between Amazonas & 10 de Agosto
Tel: (02) 2 276 858

Motransa - Mitsubishi
Av. 10 de Agosto #6398 (Sector La and)
Tel: (02) 2 430 777

Ecua-Auto S.A. - Chevrolet
Panamericana Norte Km. 4 ½
Tel: (02) 2 473 328/ Gratuito 1800 ECUAUTO
Email: ecuaauto@ecuaauto.com

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