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Driving in Ecuador > Driving Tips
Ecuador is a country with clear standards in regards to transportation laws, but it lacks in enforcing them. With this knowledge, you should be at your maximum level of precaution and watch out for drivers that are not careful, are aggressive or inexperienced that can be circulating on the streets and cause an accident in any moment. Drive defensively and calmly. We suggest you be careful of:


  1. Bus drivers and truck drivers, they are sometimes disrespectful to the other drivers and change lanes or cut in front of you without prior notice.
  2. The pedestrians. Unfortunately, Ecuador does not yet have strict rules for the behavior of pedestrians and there are no sanctions for undue actions. They cross in the middle of the road, don't respect stop lights, do not use cross walks and pedestrian bridges and these are only some of the things that can cause an accident. Always look both ways and behind you for possible unaware pedestrians.
  3. Bicycles also do not have special lanes only for them but are a very common mode of transport. Be aware of them, the lack of a motor can make them invisible sometimes. Remember that they are at a disadvantage and it is your duty to protect them.
  4. Be careful with the light changes at stop lights! Many imprudent drivers sometimes accelerate when the light turns yellow instead of braking. Always wait until the light has completely turned green before going.
  5. Avoid driving at night because it can be dangerous. Many assaults and accidents occur during these hours when drunk drivers are numerous and thieves as well. In the early morning hours, you can go through a red light for safety reasons, always and only if you have made sure that there is nothing coming before crossing the street.
  6. Try not to drive during peak times, 8:00 - 9:30 / 12:00-13:00/17:00-19:00 from Monday to Friday. Traffic is very thick and instead of saving time, you will lose it.
  7. If you are driving on the highway, always be aware of people walking, animals and cattle that may be crossing the road.

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