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National Parks and Reserves in Ecuador
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Cotopaxi National Park
This park is located within three provinces: Cotopaxi, Napo and Pichincha. It covers 33,393 hectares and is the park that has the largest number of volcanoes in Ecuador: Quilindaña, Rumiñahui, Antisana and Cotopaxi.
In regards to the plant life, there are almost 200 species of plants that can be divided into the flora of the forest and of the grasslands of the tundra. Here we find animals like bears, rabbits, foxes, deer, goats and tapir. The Cotopaxi volcano dominates the region along with Rumiñahui, creating a sandy volcanic soil. In native language, Cotopaxi means "neck of the moon". The lake Limpiopungo is located on the slopes of the mountain and is a beautiful place, accessible for visits and camping.
The national recreational area "El Boliche" is located in the province of Cotopaxi and is an area of paramo alongside Cotopaxi volcano. The Boliche Region has easy access, you can get there by train or from the Pan-American Highway. Within the area of 227 hectares, pine trees were planted in 1928 that now make up a forest that has adapted to the cold highlands. Here we can also find many species of flowers typical to the flora of the tundra as well as species native to the paramo like the llama, the deer and some birds like the caracara and hawks.

Illinizas National Park
The Reserve is located in the provinces of Cotopaxi and Pichincha and has an area of 149,900 ha that ranges between 800 and 5,265 m. It is very important because it provides the water for the rivers of Toachi and Esmeraldas. On the two mountains, Illiniza North and South, you can practice mountain climbing. These two peaks along with the Corazon volcano form the highland section of the reserve. The volcano of Quilotoa holds a beautiful lake in its crater.
Within the reserve is a wildlife refuge that is mostly a forest called Zarapullo. In this forest is a unique flora that unfortunately has been destroyed in other areas of the park because of agricultural and cattle activity.
The reserve also contains a great cultural history and archeological remains have been found from times before the Incas.


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